Henchman Garden Wheel Barrow Trailer - 135

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Henchman Wheel Barrow Trailer - 135
Lightweight but with a 135L Capacity

Key Features

  • A Capacity of 135 litres
  • A Lightweight that performs like a Heavyweight
  • Excellent balance to take the strain off of arms and back
  • Move logs, clippings, compost, or manure with relative ease and speed
  • Built of durable single skinned heavy-duty plastic moulding that will not corrode
  • Push or pull and tip completely with control and relative ease
  • Handle wet materials without rusting the polyethylene tub.
  • Tip to the vertical and empty the load with the draw bar still attached.
    Keep your back straight when tipping, thanks to the variable handle positions.
  • Change from Barrow to Trailer or back, inside a minute.

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