Henry's Straight Aluminium Gallery or Shelf Ladder - 1.9m. to 3.5m.

Gallery Straight Aluminium Ladder: Shelf Ladder 2286mm - RSF9
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Straight Aluminium Shelf Ladder can be fitted with handrails

A lightweight and robust construction, the Henry straight aluminium shelf/gallery ladder has all the requirements suited for both domestic and commercial use.

  • Manufactured in aluminium offering a sturdy one-piece adder.
  • Available in a range of model sizes, with a maximum floor to floor height of 3.76m achievable.
  • Fixed ladder design positioned at a 67°.
  • Fitted with a timber crossbar which allows it to be fitted against a vertical structure so it can be easily climbed.
  • Optional Hook and Bar Set available instead of the Timber Crossbar. the Hook and Bar Set allows the ladder to be removed so it can be stored in a different location when not in use
  • the ladder is supplied with rubber feet enabling the user to make a comfortable and safe climb.
  • Compliant with BS EN ISO 9002 Quality System.
  • Additional Metal Handrails available – see Picture Gallery.
  • The Manufacturer's Full ladder Specifications are available here
  • The Balustrade and balance Rails are available here
Model Floor-Floor
Treads Ladder
RSF4 >0.94m 4 1.02m 4.0kg
RSF5 0.94-1.18m 5 1.27m 4.5kg
RSF6 1.18-1.41m 6 1.52m 5.0kg
RSF7 1.41-1.65m 7 1.78m 5.5kg
RSF8 1.65-1.88m 8 2.03m 6.0kg
RSF9 1.88-2.12m 9 2.29m 6.5kg
RSF10 2.12-2.35m 10 2.54m 7.0kg
RSF11 2.35-2.59m 11 2.80m 7.5kg
RSF12 2.59-2.82m 12 3.05m 8.0kg
RSF13 2.82-3.06m 13 3.30m 10.0kg
RSF14 3.06-3.29m 14 3.56m 11.0kg
RSF15 3.29-3.53m 15 3.81m 12.0kg
RSF16 3.53-3.76m 16 4.06m 13.0kg

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