Little Giant Xtreme Multi-Purpose Ladder System - 24 ladders-in-one. 3 Sizes,

Little Giant Xtreme: Xtreme - 4 Rung - 1303-600
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The Little Giant Xtreme - Use On Stairways Or Un-Even Surfaces

The Xtreme Comes with Built-In Levellers, Air-Deck and Standing Platform

The Little Giant Xtreme is the pinnacle of Little Giants 40 years of engineering the strongest, safest, most versatile ladders in the world.

The Xtreme combines the strength, safety, and versatility of the Little Giant Revolution with several groundbreaking features, including the Comfort Step platform, AirDeck workstation, and integrated leg levellers that allow the operator to adjust to the uneven ground in seconds. Each side of the Xtreme telescopes independently, giving you the option of several sizes of stepladders.

You can also adjust one side to work on staircases or uneven surfaces or as a 90-degree stepladder. The Xtreme is built using the latest military-grade aluminium technology. Therefore, it is ultra-strong, without adding weight, remaining light, and portable.

The Quad-Lock hinge allows you to use the ladder as a stable, wide-based, multi-height extension ladder. Finally, the inner and outer ladder assemblies separate to form two trestles for a time-saving scaffolding system.

The Little Giant Xtreme is the finest multi-use ladder system in the world.

Product Features

  • Built-in levellers for use on uneven terrain
  • AirDeck workstation with sturdy safety handrail and tool tray
  • An integrated standing platform for added comfort and stability
  • Heavy-wall military grade construction
  • Quad-Lock hinge for increased stability and convenience
  • Rock-Locks make adjusting your ladder quick and easy
  • A Splayed base for unmatched steadiness
  • 24 ladders in one
  • Tip & Glide wheels for easy transport
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Max Load 150kg
  • EN131-4
  • The manufacturer's Full Specifications are available here
  • The Xtreme User manual is available here
Model 1303-600 1303-601 1303-602
Rungs x Sections 4 5 6
Extended Length 2.5-4.2m 3.1-5.4m 3.6-6.5m
Step ladder Height 1.2-2.1m 1.5-2.7m 1.8-3.2m
Storage Width 0.61m 0.69m 0.78m
Width 0.59m 0.66m 0.73m
Weight 17.3kg 18.9kg 28.6kg

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