Lyte Heavy Duty ROPE Operated Extension Ladders 5.9m to 15.5m

Lyte ROPE Extension: NHD235 - 2 Section, Max Height 5.75m
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Rope Operated Extension Ladders 2 and 3 Section - 3.4m to 13.5m

Due to the specialist nature of this product, delivery times may vary. For an estimated delivery time please contact us for more information.

The Lyte Heavy Duty extension ladder has been redesigned, tested and manufactured to the new EN131-2 standard to ensure it meets and exceeds the new standard.
Made in the UK and built from the best quality aluminium and certified to EN13-2 Professional for regular industrial work.
Available in 2 and 3 sections and now comes with a high-quality stabiliser bar for maximum safety and stability.

  • Tested & certified to New EN131-2, Professional
  • Manufactured with D shaped rung for comfort when climbing
  • Stabiliser bar which is easy to fit and reduces the risk of sideways slips and gives a larger and safer footprint
  • Box section stiles and strengthened rungs inline with the new standard requirements
  • Maximum capacity load of 150kg
  • Wall-running wheels, interlocking stiles and rope operation makes extension smooth and provides extra strength
  • Now fitted with the new comfortable D-shaped rung and solid moulded rubber feet at both ends
  • Automatic gravity latch ensures fail-safe locking

Double Section Size Comparison

Model Rungs Closed Extended Weight
NHD235 13 x 2 3.4m 5.8m 20.0kg
NHD240 15 x 2 3.9m 7.0m 23.1kg
NHD245 17 x 2 4.4m 8.0m 28.8kg
NHD250 19 x 2 4.9m 8.8m 29.9kg
NHD255 21 x 2 5.4m 9.8m 37.2kg

Triple Section Size Comparison

Model Rungs Closed Extended Weight
NHT340 15 x 3 4.4m 10.0m 43.5kg
NHT345 17 x 3 4.9m 11.5m 52.6kg
NHT350 19 x 3 5.4m 12.5m 58.5kg
NHT355 21 x 3 9.9m 13.5m 64.9kg
Please Note - NHD270, NHT355, NHT360, HT370 are not Kite Marked and are therefore too big to be tested and certified AND the HT370 does not have a stabiliser bar

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