Youngman Aluminium Trade Extension Ladders - 2.8m to 10.6m. Double and Triple Section

Trade 200 Extension Ladder: 57011518 - 2 Section - 2 x 16 Rung
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Youngman 2 and 3 Section Extension Ladders - Load Capacity 150kg.

The Trade 200 extension ladder is engineered using high-grade robust aluminium. The box section stiles provide added rigidity and sturdiness to ensure maximum performance on the job site and the square-shaped rungs provide added grip during use. Features include unique wrap-around top clips with smooth-glide runners to reduce wear and tear and slip-resistant feet for added safety during use. Approved to the latest EN131 standard. For Professional Use.


  • High-performance box-section alloy stiles for strength and rigidity
  • Easy to use push-up operation
  • Slip-resistant square rungs
  • Rung clips to secure sections together for safe use and easy transport
  • Unique wrap-around top clips with smooth glide runners to reduce wear and tear
  • Slip-resistant feet for added safety
  • 150kg load capacity including user, tools, materials, etc.
  • Approved to the latest EN131 Standard
  • For Professional Use
  • The full manufacturer's specification sheet is available here

Double Section Size Comparison


Sects. x

Closed Extended

Width +


57011018 2 x 6 1.92m 2.79m 7.34kg
57011118 2 x 8 2.51m 3.96m 0.8m 10.44kg
57011218 2 x 10 3.09m 5.12m 0.9m 12.57kg
57011318 2 x 12 3.67m 6.28m 1.0m 16.22kg
57011418 2 x 14 4.25m 7.44m 1.1m 21.49kg
57011518 2 x 16 4.83m 8.60m 1.2m 24.36kg
57011618 2 x 18 5.41m 9.76m 1.2m 32.95kg

    Triple Section Size Comparison


    Sects. x

    Closed Extended

    Width +


    57012018 3 x 6 1.93m 3.96m 1.0m 14.09kg
    57012118 3 x 8 2.51m 5.70m 1.0m 15.76kg
    57012218 3 x 10 3.09m 7.44m 1.1m 22.36kg
    57012718 3 x 11 3.38m 8.31m 1.2m 25.33kg
    57012318 3 x 12 3.67m 9.18m 1.2m 30.17kg
    57012418 3 x 14 4.25m 10.63m 1.2m 37.45kg
    There is NO stabiliser on the 2 x 6 Rung 57011018

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