Youngman Aluminium Trade Roof Ladders - 3.2 to 8.3m Single and Double Section

Youngman Roof Ladders: Single Section 14 Rung Max Length 4.53m.
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Youngman Single & Double Section Trade Roof Ladders 

The Youngman Roof Ladder Range is designed especially for roofs pitched up to 55°. Fitted with ridge hook assembly, support bearers and wheels, this ladder is easily positioned and secure in use.


  • Suitable for roof slopes of between 15° and 55°
  • Fitted with ridge hook assembly and support bearers for safety
  • Ridge hook assembly fits onto the central ridge of the roof
  • Wheels for easy manoeuvring
  • Square rungs and lightweight stiles
  • manufacturer's full specifications are available here
Code Sections Rungs Closed Extended Weight
57335200 Single 14 4.53m 4.53m 15.4kg
57666700 Single 18 5.69m 5.69m 20.1Kg
57666900 Single 20 6.27m 6.27m 23.4Kg
57663000 Double 8+10 3.21m 4.89m 13.1Kg
57663600 Double 10+12 3.77m 6.01m 14.8Kg
57664000 Double 12+14 4.33m 7.13m 16.8Kg
57664600 Double 14+16 4.89m 8.25m 18.5Kg

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