ProfiLOT or ProfiTEROLE: Which should I choose for my DIY activities?

Now I don't think I'm the first to mix up the names of these two, but trust me they are VERY different! We thought we would compare the two and show you why the ProfiLOT is the better choice for your indoor DIY, or your outdoor chores list...

The Hailo ProfiLOT S100 Pedal Adjustable Combi Extension Ladder provides excellent compensation for uneven grounds, steps/stairs (9306-507 and 9309-507 models only), pavements and more. Tested to BS EN131 standards, this combination extension ladder steps up to the mark with its versatility as a simple extension ladder or as a double ladder!

Features of the ProfiLOT:

  • Sturdy guide part with plastic gliders
  • Locking hook with transport safety mechanism
  • Length and cross-profiled rungs
  • 2 full-surface-contact feet & 2 large, stable claw feet
  • 10 year manufacturer warranty
  • The LOT system compensates for surface unevenness of up to 15cm, adjusted by an easy-to-use foot pedal

Features of a ProfiTEROLE:

  • Choux pastry filled with whipped cream, custard, pastry cream or ice cream
  • Can be decorated with chocolate sauce, caramel or powdered sugar.
  • Delicious dessert choice

ProfiLOT vs. ProfiTEROLE

While the ProfiTEROLE has many tasty and attractive qualities, the ProfiLOT is an actual ladder - so this would be your best choice if you're planning to clean those gutters or paint the house. If you're planning a 3-course meal for some friends, you may want to stick to the ProfiTEROLE.

Overall, the ProfiLOT is the one to choose, and all three sizes can be purchased here. However, if you're looking for a good ProfiTEROLE, we advise checking this BBC Good Food recipe instead!

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