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Whether you are buying a ladder for property maintenance or for gardening, the first task is to determine the correct size ladder for the job. 

Different ladders work in different ways, for example, some lean against the wall, some are freestanding “A” framed, telescopic ladders open rung by rung to the required length and some gardening tripod ladders have a platform step for standing more securely with the top feet of the ladder used as a leg lean-into brace. 

If you are unsure which ladder will be most suited to you, it is important you read the item specification carefully or call us for advice before submitting an order to avoid costly returns. 

We are here to help you, so please call us if you are unsure.

When you have selected the ladder you wish to purchase, complete your order online or over the phone.

If you order over the phone we will send you an invoice through our secure online payment gateway allowing you to complete your credit card details yourself to submit your order.

We only dispatch orders having received payment in full including any delivery charges for Northern Scotland or overseas shipping.

We only dispatch orders having received payment in full including any delivery charges for Northern Scotland or overseas shipping. Excepting these locations, shipping is FREE and the list price includes VAT and delivery. Once shipped, courier and tracking details are
provided.  Delivery takes between 3-7 working days depending on the product purchased. 

Ideally it is best if you can be at home to receive the ladder but if you need to nominate a safe place at your property (i.e. a garage or down the side of the house etc) this can be arranged at your own risk. 

Instructions of where to leave the ladder MUST be passed to us at the
point of placing the order as once dispatched, we cannot update the delivery details.

As soon as possible following delivery, the item should be thoroughly inspected for damage.  If any is noted, please notify us within 24 hours as this is the only way we can prove it occurred in transit.


If you choose the wrong size ladder, we can exchange it if it is still new, unused and is returned in its original packaging with all instructions etc included. 

The customer is responsible for the cost of return and this is currently approximately £50 plus VAT.  (This amount can vary depending the courier used to ship that product and the price suggested is an estimate only).

All ladders have a minimum of 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee, some offer 3 or 5 years depending on the ladder brand. Please read all listing specifications prior to place an order.


We take every care when choosing which ladder brands we wish to sell on our website.

We actively source and support British Manufacturers as well as some quality imported brands. We offer a range of specifications for the DIY, Trade and Professional user. All
product has been tested to the required standard and all meet British Standards.

There is always a risk when working at height and it is important that ladders are maintained and cleaned after use.

It is important to note that private householders are bound by Working at Height Regulations if they are paying someone to work at height in the home or garden and put themselves, as well as the operator at risk if they provide unsuitable equipment for workers to use.

FAQs by Manufacturer


The LFI Pro Single and Double Section Roof Ladders have a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

The LFI Pro Single and Double Section Roof Ladders are suitable for roof pitches from 15 to 55 degrees.


It’s simple, really. The 3 Leg Adjustable Tripod Ladders provide wobble-free stability because all three feet always remain in contact with the ground. 

By adjusting each leg individually to counteract uneven ground, the 3 Leg Adjustable Tripod Ladder allows you to ensure that the rungs are always level. All three legs adjust up to 18 inches (45cm) to allow you to safely work on all types of surfaces, including uneven and sloping terrain. The ladder’s claw-like feet grip soft ground to add extra stability, and stop the ladder from sinking.

The 3 Leg Adjustable Tripod Ladder’s standing platform provides a safe place for your feet while you work. You can tuck your knees into the frame for extra stability, allowing you to use both hands safely as you work.

If you’re planning to use the ladder in your garden, we always recommend the 3 Leg Adjustable Tripod Ladder.

That’s because in order to be safe, all ladders (including a Henchman ladder) need to be upright and level. Very few gardens are perfectly level. Most have a degree of unevenness, whether that’s steep slopes or gentle lumps and bumps. 

The Henchman 3 Leg Adjustable Tripod Ladder is designed to cope with almost all terrain, so it is very rare that you’ll find somewhere where you can’t safely use one.

On the other hand, tripod ladders with just 1 adjustable leg are designed to be used on flat ground, or facing up or down a single planed gentle slope. A tripod ladder with 1 adjustable leg will not work if you have a slope parallel to the area where you’re working. 

For example, if your garden faces up or down a hill, but your hedges run along the left or right hand sides of your garden, a one leg adjustable ladder won’t offer your stability. In this case, you’d need a three leg adjustable ladder.

Both the Henchman Tripod ladders and the Henchman Adjustable Platform Ladders are designed to be safe on uneven ground. Both have adjustable legs to counteract slopes, dips and steps, have a safe working load of 150kg, and are covered by our 5 year warranty. 

The added benefits of the Adjustable Platform Ladder is that it has a larger standing platform secured by a rear guard strap. It also has more height adjustment due to each leg extending to 2ft, plus an optional 3ft height extender on top of that. It also offers high levels of productivity, allowing you to increase your reach by leaning left and right on the waist high guard rail without risk of toppling.

In contrast, our tripod ladders are lighter due to their fully aluminium frame, making them easier to transport and move around. They are also faster to set up due to their spring pin leg adjustment mechanism.

All Henchman products come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

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