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Loft Rails: Loft Grab Rail Silver Plated Finish - 02
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For your Safety when Entering or Exiting your Attic

Choose either a Grab or Balance Rail, OR a Balustrade Surround Rail

Metal Loft Balance/Grab Rail

The Balance Rail is a simple yet very effective and strong Grab Rail that gives support when entering and exiting the attic. It is made from 22 mm tubular steel and it is especially effective when carrying items.

The rail is easily fitted to any existing attic floor. It can be installed either side of the loft opening, or install 2 on either side of the opening for maximum stability.

Dimensions; - Height 92cm. Length along the loft floor 61cm.

Available with Powder Coated or Electro Plated Silver Finish.

Metal Loft Surround Rail-Balustrade with adjustable width from 46cm - 72cm

The Loft Surround Safety Rail is extra safety for you in your attic space.
The Loft Surround rail does exactly as it says and surrounds the attic stairs opening
at 1 metre high on the three sides of the attic opening.

So it is extra security and safety for you when you are entering and exiting your attic space and also while you are in your attic.

The Surround Rail can fit most attic stair openings:

  • Dimensions for the balustrade are Height 1m -Depth x 1m
  • The width is telescopically adjustable from 460mm to 720mm wide

Available with Powder Coated or Electro Plated Silver Finish.

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