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Hi Step Platform Ladders: Hi Step Junior - Platform Height 3ft/0.9m
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Hi-Step Platform Ladder for Complete Safety in your Garden

A 2ft x 2ft Enclosed Platform for Comfort and security with Optional Extender Legs for extra Height

Henchmans Hi-Step Adjustable Platform Ladder makes working at height on unstable ground safer and more flexible.

Each of the Platform Ladders four legs adjusts individually up to 2ft / 0.6m, allowing you to use the ladder on banks, slopes, ditches, dips and steps.

The Platform Ladders feet are specifically designed so you can adjust the height of each foot within millimetre precision. This stops even the slightest of wobbling, keeping you stable and safe.

The ladders robust aluminium frame and sturdy steel legs provide excellent stability, meaning you wont wobble when working. In addition, the ladders guard rails allow you to safely lean in various directions while carrying out your tasks. Combined with the non-slip platform, youll feel stable, secure and safe, regardless of the type of ground youre working on.

It also provides great reachability. When standing on the ladder, you can reach up to 8ft from one position, depending on the size of cutters youre using. The working height for our platform range varies by a minimum of 2ft (or a maximum 5ft with the Extender).

The Hi-Step ladder can be folded flat in 30 seconds for convenient storage.

Key Product Features

  • Four large, adjustable feet give level, stable and non-slip foundation, allowing hands-free working from the platform
  • All 4 legs adjust independently up to 2ft and can be extended further with the Adjustable Platform Step Ladder Extender, allowing you to add a total of 5ft / 1.50cm to your ladders height, no matter the original size.
  • Provides a spacious, level and comfortable working space that keeps you secure and safe when working at height
  • Lets you work with greater confidence and accuracy, even when youre leaning in three directions
  • 2ft x 2ft non-slip fully enclosed platform remains stable even when used on sloping or soft terrain
  • Specially designed for gardening jobs such as hedge cutting
  • Folds flat quickly and easily for storage
  • 150kg maximum load. Offers professional-level safety for all - tested by the British Standards Institution (BSI) to conform to BS EN 131-2:2010+A2:2017
  • You can increase your platform height by a further 3ft / 0.9m with the Hi-Step Platform Ladder Extender
  • The Hi-Step Leg Extender page can be found here
Code Rungs



Working H.

Waist Level

Junior 3 3ft/0.9m 6ft/1.8m 20kg
Midi 4 4ft/1.2m 7ft/2.1m 22kg
Senior 5 5ft/1.5m 8ft/2.4m 24kg
Major 6 6ft/1.8m 9ft/2.7m 26kg
Maxi 7 7ft/2.1m 10ft/3.0m 28kg

How Do I Choose the Right Size Ladder?

To avoid ordering the wrong sized ladder, its important you know exactly how high you need to reach before you order.

For example, if youre using your ladder to do landscape gardening, we suggest picking a ladder thats more or less the same height as the highest area you need to reach.

Measuring that height before you order will ensure you choose the right size ladder and ensure you use the ladder safely and comfortably and avoid unnecessary return courier charges.

In the example above of a 10ft/3.0m Tripod ladder the Platform is at 7ft / 2.1m and waist-level is 3ft / 0.90m above the platform, shoulder height is 2ft / 0.6m above waist-level, and reaching height is 2ft / 0.6m above shoulder height.

Working Heights
(Based on the user being 6ft/ 180cm)
Ladder Size PlatformHeight Hip Level Reaching Overhead
Junior - 6ft/1.8m 3ft/0.9m 6ft/1.8m 10ft/3.0m
Midi - 7ft/2.1m 4ft/1.2m 7ft/2.1m 11ft/3.3m
Senior -8ft/2.4m 5ft/1.5m 8ft/2.4m 12ft/3.6m
Major - 9ft/2.7m 6ft/1.8m 9ft/2.7m 13ft/3.9m
Maxi - 14ft/4.2m 7ft/2.1m 10ft/3.0m 14ft/4.2m

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