Dolle clickFIX� 36 GOLD MINI Wooden Loft Ladder for Extra Narrow Spaces - The Smallest Loft Ladder In Our Range. 2 Hatch sizes.

clickFIX� 36 Mini Hatch Size: 1038871 Dolle clickFIX 36 GOLD MINI - Hatch 92.5 x 70cm.
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The Dolle clickFIX® 36 GOLD MINI

BESTSELLER - Loft ladder for extra narrow spaces - the smallest loft ladder from DOLLE

Loft ladders with the name DOLLE clickFIX® meet the high energy requirements of the housing market today.

They reduce heat loss by up to 86% compared with uninsulated ceilings. Minimal cold bridges occur because the limb consists solely of a high-insulating material and not a wood structure. The loft ladder weighs about 25% less than traditional ceilings. It is designed for easy-click mounting without the use of tools and can be mounted by only one person. The patented clickFIX® technology has the best insulation in the market, along with easy installation.

DOLLE clickFIX® 36 GOLD MINI is insulated with 30 mm expanded polystyrene (EPS). U-value: 0.99 W/m2 *K. The low u-value is particularly remarkable as all products are tested as a building component similar to doors and windows. Other vendors indicate the u-value as a calculated value, measured only at one point in the gate, which gives a strong misleading value for energy calculations.

DOLLE clickFIX® 36 GOLD MINI is delivered with non-slip treads for extra security and a wooden push/pull operation pole for easy operation of the loft ladder.


  • Suitable for a structural opening size: 925 x 600mm./700mm.
  • Top-quality Pine ladder folding into 4 sections, with non-slip beech treads.
  • Supplied complete with a white-faced trapdoor and timber casing frame.
  • The trapdoor comes with 30mm insulation providing a U-value of 0.99 W/m²K.
  • Reduced heat loss due to the trapdoor's insulation and construction.
  • No storage space is needed in the loft as the ladder stores completely on the trapdoor.
  • Effortless counterbalance operation.
  • The lower weight of ladder (approx. 25% less than traditional attic ladders).
  • Possible for only 1 person to install the ClickFix Mini due to its lower weight and Click system.
  • Draught excluder contained in the timber casing.
  • Operating pole included.
  • Optional Timber Balustrade Kit can be viewed here
  • Optional Metal Loft Exit Grab Rails can be viewed here
  • Tested according to EN 14975 (European Ladder Standard).
  • Max working load: 150 kg.
  • Product Weight 23Kg and 25Kg respectively
  • Product Width 60cm and 70cm respectively
  • Made in Denmark by quality brand "Dolle"
  • Product manufactured in an ISO9001:2008 factory.
  • Manufacturer's Specifications for the 38761 Model are available here.
  • Manufacturer's Specifications for the 38771 Model are available here.
  • Installation Instructions for the clickFIX® 36 are available here, and on the video at the bottom of this page.

1038861 1038871
Loft Opening Length 92.5cm 92.5cm
Loft Opening Width 60cm 70cm
Floor to Ceiling Height 278cm 278cm
Ladder Footprint 90cm 98cm
Swing Clearance 110cm 112cm
U-Value 0,99 0,99
Ladder Style Folding Folding
Sections 4 4
Ladder Material Wood Wood
Trapdoor Thickness 36mm 36mm
Insulation 30mm 30mm
Casing Material Spruce Spruce
Casing Thickness 18mm 18mm
Outer Casing Length 90cm 90cm
Outer Casing Width 57.6cm 67.6cm
Casing Height 115mm 115mm
Tread Material Beech Beech
Tread Thickness 17.5mm 17.5mm
Tread Width 37.9cm 37.9cm
Tread Depth 54mm 54mm
Foot Material Grey Plastic Grey Plastic
Max Load Capacity 150kg (23.6st) 150kg (23.6st)

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