Dolle Wood Loft Ladder Fully Assembled: 1032544 Hatch opening 115 x 55cm
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Wooden Loft Ladder - Completely Assembled and Ready to Install.

Extension Kit available for additional height for high ceilings

3 Hatch Sizes Available - 120 x 70cm., 120 x 60cm. and 115 x 55cm.

Loft ladder DOLLE SW36-5 is a fully assembled loft ladder with a robust finish and very easy installation. The casing has a continuous rubber draught excluder to prevent draught and loss of heat.

DOLLE SW36-5 is a 3-section folding loft ladder with a 14 cm high casing and a trapdoor with 30 mm insulation. The loft ladder is fully assembled which makes the mounting of the loft ladder quick and easy. It requires no headroom or storage space in the loft.
The ladder is made of solid spruce, with non-slip treads for extra security. It has a high-quality finish with a white-facing trapdoor.

The DOLLE SW36-5 comes in 3 standard sizes. The DOLLE SW36-5 has a specially designed height adjustment system and is delivered with a wooden push/pull rod for easy operation.


  • Supplied as a complete unit with a white-faced trapdoor, timber casing, and ladder for quick and easy installation.
  • Suitable for structural opening sizes: 115 x 55cm. 120 x 60cm. or 120 x 70cm.
  • Spruce ladder with 82mm deep non-slip treads folding into 3 sections.
  • Suits floor-to-ceiling heights up to 2.82m.
  • Draught-proofed and with 30mm deep insulation to the trapdoor.
  • No storage space is needed in the loft as the ladder stores completely on the hatch.
  • Hidden trapdoor hinges are an added feature and make it easier to paint the trapdoor.
  • Operating pole and one handrail included.
  • Optional Metal Loft Exit Grab Rails can be viewed here.
  • The optional Timber Balustrade Kit can be viewed here.
  • Extension kits are available for higher-than-normal ceilings (up to 3.5m).
  • Tested and certified to EN 14975 (European Ladder Standard).
  • Max working load: 150 kg.
  • Product manufactured in an ISO9001:2008 factory.
  • Airtight class 4 according to DIN EN 12207
  • The manufacturer's Specifications for the 32544 Model are available here.
  • The manufacturer's Specifications for the 32565 and 32575 Model are available here.
  • Installation Instructions for the SW36-5 are available here.


An Extension kit with 3 treads for extra high ceilings.

If you need a little extra height on your loft ladder an extension part may be all you need.
The extension kit converts the 3-part folding ladder systems to a 4-part system and extends your loft ladder by up to 70 cm.
The extension is made of solid spruce with non-slip treads and a dowel connection and for extra security.

The total width of the section is 37.2/40 cm. The width of the treads is 33/35.8 cm and the depth is 8.2 cm. The length of the extension is 76.3 cm

1032544 1032565 1032575
Loft Opening Length 115cm 120cm 120cm
Loft Opening Width 55cm 60cm 70cm
Floor to Ceiling Height 286cm 288cm 288cm
Ladder Footprint 116cm 116cm 156cm
Swing Clearance 155cm 156cm 156
U-Value 1,30 1,30 1.30
Ladder Style Folding Folding Folding
Sections 3 3 3
Ladder Material Wood Wood Wood
Trapdoor Thickness 36mm 36mm 36mm
Insulation 30mm 30mm 30mm
Casing Material Spruce Spruce Spruce
Casing Thickness 18mm 18mm 18mm
Outer Casing Length 113cm 117.5cm 117.5cm
Outer Casing Width 54cm 57.6cm 67.6cm
Casing Height 14cm 14cm 14cm
Tread Material Spruce Spruce Spruce
Tread Thickness 28mm 28mm 28mm
Tread Width 358mm 358mm 330mm
Tread Depth 82mm 82mm 82mm
Kit Length 76.3cm 76.3cm 76.3cm
Foot Material Black Plastic Black Plastic
Ladder Weight 25.8kg 27kg 28kg
Max Load Capacity 150kg (23.6st) 150kg (23.6st) 150kg (23.6st)

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