HOPSTAR-MINI Class 1 Folding 400mm x 360mm Work Platform - 5 sizes. (HSM)

Hopstae Mini: HSM2 Hopstar hop-up Mini - 2 Tread
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HOPSTAR-MINI Class 1 Folding 400mm x 360mm Work Platform - 5 sizes.

Mini Hop-up Work Platform Made in the UK - Folds Flat. Optional Handrail

The HOPSTAR–MINI Professional Industrial Folding Work Platform designed and manufactured in Great Britain. The smaller version of our hugely successful 600mm square folding hop-up work platform. Now available with additional platform heights!

A compact version of our hugely successful HOPSTAR Classic,

  • Ideal for those little jobs that need doing around the workplace!
  • Maximum load 175KG
  • Built from materials conforming to BSEN-131 Professional
  • 400mm wide x 360mm non-slip platform
  • Optional folding handrail – 760mm high
  • Folds flat and extremely compact
  • Carrying handle fitted
  • Optional (available at the time of ordering) folding handrail height is 760mm when deployed
  • The rail is constructed from high-grade 25mm aluminium square box section tube with plastic end caps 
  • The handrail is held in place with zinc-plated steel locking straps with wing nuts
  • The overall dimensions of the handrail are 700mm x 700mm x 40 mm approx


Open Dimensions (mt.)

Model Treads Width Depth Platform H. Weight
HSM2 2 0.47 0.66 0.51 5.0kg
HSM3 3 0.51 0.82 0.75 6.0kg
HSM4 4 0.54 0.98 1.00 7.0kg
HSM5 5 0.56 1.13 1.22 8.0kg
HSM6 6 0.59 1.39 1.48 9.0kg


Closed Dimensions (mt.)

Model Treads Width Depth Length Weight
HSM2 2 0.47 0.20 0.87 5.0kg
HSM3 3 0.51 0.20 1.14 6.0kg
HSM4 4 0.54 0.20 1.40 7.0kg
HSM5 5 0.56 0.20 1.70 8.0kg
HSM6 6 0.59 0.20 1.90 9.0kg


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