Ladder D Wheel - Helps to Position Your Ladder

D Wheel - VAT and Delivery included: LF-DWAF D Wheel & Fittings
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The D Wheel Assembly (Set of Wheels and Fittings)

The D Wheel Assembly is a straight forward way of enjoying the unique benefits of the outstanding D wheel.
  • Permanent fixture. D Wheel Assembly bolts onto a ladder and is left in place removing the risk of non-implementation
  • Saves time. No fitting, removing or enforcing
  • Easy handling. Ladder closes completely. No bulky outriggers.Ideal in any confined positions
  • Fits aluminium, glass fibre and timber ladders. All popular makes and classes
  • Initial fitting is simple. Four nuts and bolts on each stile to be attached by a competent person. Tools required for drilling and securing nuts and bolts

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