Laddermat V Type Stand-Off & Laddermat S Type Stand-Off

Stand Off Type: V Type Stand-Off with Platform (LMPV-46)
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Designed to prioritise safety without sacrificing efficiency, the V Type and S Type Laddermat Platform Stand-Off are the ultimate accessories for enhancing your ladder's functionality.

For both commercial and residential use, its robust design offers a firm platform, whilst protecting walls and downpipes. 

Laddermat Platform V Type Stand-Off - (LMPV-46)

Optimise your work with the Laddermat Platform V Type Stand-Off.  Enhance your efficiency and safety with the leading solution for increased stability whilst working at height. Ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, this standout accessory ensures unmatched steadiness around downpipes and building corners, redefining ladder safety standards.

Key Features:

  • Unparalleled Stability: Engineered for superior support, it ensures your ladder remains stable, whether you are manoeuvring  around tricky downpipes or building corners. Its innovative design transforms it into an essential ladder corner stabiliser for any task.
  • Enhanced Safety: Emphasising ladder safety, this accessory allows you to maintain the crucial three points of contact on your ladder, drastically reducing the risk of slips and falls.
  • Convenient Tool Storage: With a spacious platform designed to hold your tools, paint pots, or drills, the Laddermat offers the ultimate convenience. This ladder tool holder feature ensures everything you need is within arm's reach.

Laddermat Standard Stand-Off (V Type) (LMPV-48)

Crafted with precision, the Laddermat Stand-Off (V Type) is your solution to common ladder stability challenges. By providing a secure grip and reducing ladder movement when working around corners, this innovative accessory allows you to focus on the task at hand.

Key Features:

  • Superior Stability: Designed to meet the rigorous demands of both trade and DIY projects, the Laddermat Stand-Off (V Type) serves as an exceptional ladder corner stabiliser. It effortlessly attaches to the top of most ladder types for improved safety while working at height on building corners and around downpipes.
  • Enhanced Safety: This lightweight and robust Stand-Off ensures a secure grip on a variety of surfaces, significantly reducing the risk of ladder wobble.
  • Versatile Use: Whether tackling maintenance, painting, or cleaning tasks, it enhances your ability to work safely and efficiently.

Laddermat Standard Stand-Off (S Type) (LMPV-47)

The ultimate ladder safety accessory for enhanced stability while working against flat surfaces. This tool is meticulously engineered for every DIY enthusiast and professional to offer matched durability and ease of use, ensuring your ladder remains securely in place for any project.

Key Features:

  • Unrivaled Stability: An exceptional ladder flat wall stabiliser, this essential tool provides a robust Stand-Off to keep your ladder firmly supported against any flat surface. This crucial feature significantly enhances ladder safety, creating a secure environment for you to work with confidence.
  • Designed for Versatility: Compatible with a wide range of ladder types, it's a versatile addition to your toolkit; whether you're painting, cleaning gutters, or performing maintenance tasks.
  • Ease of Use: Engineered with both professionals and DIY enthusiasts in mind, this ladder accessory simplifies setup and use. Its straightforward design allows for quick attachment to your ladder.

Laddermat Platform Stand-Off (S Type) (LMPV-45)

Improve working efficiency and safety even further with the Laddermat Platform Stand-Off (S Type). This innovative ladder accessory combines unbeatable stability with simplicity for working at height against any flat surface

Key Features:

  • Unmatched Stability: delivers unparalleled stability, acting as a ladder flat wall stabiliser that secures your ladder firmly in place.
  • Convenient Tool Storage: Equipped with a spacious platform, this accessory doubles as a ladder tool holder, providing ample space for your tools, paint pots, and drills. Keep your essentials within reach and maintain your focus on the task at hand.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit most ladder types, Its versatility and easy installation make it one of the simplest new additions to your toolkit.
  • Peace of Mind: This ladder safety accessory allows you to maintain balance to concentrate on achieving professional results.

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