Senci SC4000-ii - 3800W Petrol Generator - With Circuit Breaker

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Senci SC4000-ii - 3800W Petrol Generator - With Circuit Breaker

Please Note: Dual voltage generators may only give approximately 50-60% of the rated output on 115V. Outputs are limited by the size of the sockets, based on the Voltage and Current (Power = Volts x Amps).

  • Coupled with superior quality Senci alternator with Copper Windings.
  • Powered by the latest EURO V standard, easy-to-start Senci single-cylinder gasoline engine.
  • New air cleaner, small unique design, exhausted oil gas combusted in the carburetor for the second time through a special-design pipe, free from oozing.
  • Unique muffler with lower noise and more environmentally friendly.
  • Low oil alert shuts down the engine automatically when low oil is detected.
  • The circuit breaker cuts off the electricity system when overloaded.
  • AVR stabilizes the output power.
  • Super strong original-designed fuel tank.
  • Full closed control panel dustproof and water resistance.
  • Portable compact safe aggressive appearance with an open rugged durable frame, way to operate.
  • *Covered by Senci 3 year warranty. Terms and Conditions apply.


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