The Ladderbelt Standard - Ladder Safety Harness

The Ladderbelt: The Ladderbelt-K
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Ladderbelt Safety Harness meets EN358 Standards

The Ladderbelt and The Ladderbelt-K

The Ladderbelt and the Ladderbelt-Kare designed specifically for ladders and meets work positioning requirements EN 358.

  • Easy to put on & easy to use. The Ladderbelt is easy to wear all day avoiding reasons for non-use
  • Continuous Lanyard. It simply loops over ladder stiles. The lanyard cannot be opened, therefore avoiding unsafe distancing from an anchor point.
  • Suitable for all Ladders. Provided they are properly secured
  • The Ladderbelt K.Comes complete with a karabiner to allow attachment at various points on the ladder
  • Ladderbelt User Manual is available here

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